Detailed description of Reverse Tuck End (RTE) box type

Reverse tuck end box is a box with top and bottom closing flaps placed on opposite sides of the packaging.The box is popped open from either the top or bottom, with both flaps being closed after the product is inside. The box is glued on one side. These boxes make good economic sense and are able to be stocked closely together. However, a weak cut edge on the front panel can run into window material when closed.

Usually used
This carton box template  is preferred for cosmetic boxes since it presents a more finished appearance and better graphic design opportunities. It is also used for food boxes, medical boxes, pharmaceutical packaging boxes, retail boxes, software boxes, and toy boxes.

Strong point
a. Product can be inserted from either top or bottom of the box.
b. Faster assembly time – box pops open only bottom and lid need forming
c. Allows for greatest flexibility in positioning the product and produces the least amount of waste when die-cutting

Weak point
Since flaps open on opposite sides at the top and bottom, one flap opening will show on the face of the product (can be minimized by putting the flap at the bottom of the box).