Straight Tuck End (STE) box template

This type of carton box allows for quick assembly and many variations in how a product is positioned. However, since the flaps are on either side of the box, one flap opening will be present on the front on the product. Custom reverse tuck end box printing allows you to have a box with a high interlocking ability and many popular retail uses, with different other specifications available upon request.

In the STE box, the top and bottom closure panels tuck from the rear to the front or from the front to the rear. It is particularly well suited for products requiring a paper box with a window in the front display panel. The STE is used in most categories, including custom beverage boxes, custom cosmetic boxes, custom food boxes, custom medical boxes, custom pharmaceutical packaging boxes, custom retail boxes, custom software boxes, and custom toy boxes.


  • Well suited for products requiring a large window in the front panel display
  • End opening box glued on one side
  • Very common retail box that displays well
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick loading, compact storage
  • Can have friction fit or slit locks for more secure closure